Adjust your practice, improve your life

work less
makes more money
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Leave your Practice at work

Too many small accounting and bookkeeping practice owners work so hard that it consumes their personal lives.

If You’re Working Too Much and Not Making Enough, There is a Solution.

Do you feel you work too many hours, you aren’t home enough, and you just aren’t earning all that you could or should? I invite you to watch these videos and allow me to show you what difference we can make to help you regain control, get more freedom and more wealth.

If Your Practice is Controlling Your Life, It’s Time to Make a Change.

When I started my practice, I had grand dreams of what it would be like to be self-employed. When reality set it, I found I felt I no longer controlled my own life but that my practice controlled me. Through decades of learning and a mentor, I made the changes necessary for me to find success I never thought possible. I can teach you what I’ve learned to help you on your path to success.

If you can relate to these videos and want to gain more time, more money, and a support system for you, there is a solution.
We invite you to explore how it works with the RêveNew Practice Management (RPM) Roadmap.

The 10 pillars of success

Learn how to increase your firm profitability while making space in your life

There are 10 pillars that are vital to running a successful and healthy practice. These pillars make work a lot more fun, reduce your stress, and help to create a career that is not only fulfilling but also extremely profitable.

Offering personalized mentorship, hourly consulting, workshops, firm retreats, and conferences, RPM helps you develop the confidence, skills, and expertise to run your practice efficiently and effectively.