What is RPM

Achieve the work-life balance you deserve

Many small accounting and bookkeeping practice owners work so hard that it consumes their personal lives

Having your own public practice can be time consuming and if you don’t make the most of your time you can end up being a slave to your own practice. At RêveNew Practice Management (RPM), we know practitioners pour all their effort, dedication, heart and skill into the success of their practice – and we believe they deserve more for what they give.
Let us show you how to gain more money in less time, so they can spend fewer hours at work and have a life out of the office.

What is RPM in 2 minutes

Numbers don’t lie

Based on the practitioner’s needs, RPM helps clients every step of the way, for however long is necessary.
On average*, our clients’ profit generally increase by:

25% the 1st year
250% after 2 years
500% after 5 years
670% after 7 years
(so an average of +75% to +90% per year)

* The only condition is to meet our criteria and, more importantly, that you are willing and ready to accept new ideas and processes

Fees are a portion of the profits you make over the agreed base amount.
If your income does not increase, you pay nothing.

But it's not just about money

At RPM, we have been in your shoes. We know that being the owner of a practice can be difficult because you have all the responsibilities but no one to advise you or guide you. Owners can be left feeling lonely, desperate, unappreciated and trapped by their own practice.

With RPM, you will never feel alone again. You can contact us as often as you need and we will always be there to answer your questions and even just to provide reassurance that you are not alone. We have over a decade of experience in guiding practitioners to improve their processes and making their practice perfect.

Here’s how it works

Book a Diagnostic

You meet with Jean-Guy Talbot for a full diagnostic of your practice and financial situation.

Get your Plan

We provide you with an individually tailored road map of attainable steps to changing and improving your business.

Enjoy Your Freedom

Your practice and your personal life are both important. Let us show you how to create the perfect work/life balance.