Drive your practice so your practice doesn’t drive you.

RêveNew Practice Management is a warm and knowledgeable coaching team led by Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA and backed by the Talbot & Associates team. We exist to guide small and medium-sized accounting practices through the transformation process and lead them to unimaginable success. We’re passionate about showing practitioners how to make time for the more important things like family and a better quality of life.  Through our coaching and the strategies contained in our RPM Practice Playbook, you’ll learn the secrets to earning more money than you ever thought possible – while working fewer hours.

Let us show you how to:

  • Work less and make more
  • Live a better quality of life
  • Make time for the important things
  • Motivate your team
  • Do things you thought unimaginable

A Note from Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO,
RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

Running a successful practice can take the life out of you. Trying to keep clients happy, staff motivated and being fully present for your family is a balancing act few of us can manage without feeling overwhelmed. I know because I’ve been there and have come out the other side.

In 1991, I ran myself ragged. I had worked hard to earn my CGA designation and start my own practice, but the fruits didn’t follow and my family saw less of me as days went by. I sought a mentor to help change course and within a few years my profits tripled without being chained to my desk. 

I could have never imagined I would find myself where I am today: leading the booming team of 60+ staff that is Talbot & Associates in six locations across the province (and growing); building the T&A Training Centre and curriculum of over 30 seminars and retreats designed to mentor companies and individuals across North America; making more money than I ever dreamed possible and having the time to be the husband and father my wife and children deserve.

Now, I’m paying it forward.

If this message resonates with you, know you are not alone. This season in your life has an expiry date.  But like all things, we must first choose to do something about it and it would be my sincere privilege to come along side you to show you how. 

~ Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA
Founder & CEO, RêveNew Practice Management

The RPM Team

Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO,
RêveNew Practice Management/Talbot & Associates

Jean-Guy Talbot is the founder and CEO of the accounting firm Talbot & Associates (T&A). He started his career in accounting in 1983 by working in public practice for Winnipeg firms as well as a few years in industry. He started T&A on a part-time basis in 1987 and grew his practice from a one-person operation to its current size of over 60 staff in six locations across Manitoba. Nationwide, colleagues and clients refer to Jean-Guy as both a knowledgeable mentor and friend. He has devoted a tremendous amount of research, time and energy to discover the secrets of running a better practice. He has personally implemented all he’s learned and has determined which roads lead to a successful practice and which do not. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others and established RêveNew Practice Management on that basis. In order to bring this passion to the masses, Jean-Guy travels to across the country to speak and consult firms and also in 2015, built a 4,000-sq-ft training and event centre at T&A headquarters. In 2016, Jean-Guy received the title of Fellow CPA on behalf of CPA Manitoba. FCPA recipients are recognized as members who have rendered exceptional services to the profession or whose achievements in their careers/community have earned them distinction and brought honour to the profession.
Jean-Guy has written several books on public practice, the 1st expected to be published by Fall of 2018.

Kayla Doerkson

Administrative Assistant,
RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

Kayla joined RêveNew Practice Management and Talbot & Associates in early 2016 bringing with her stellar attention to detail and client service skills. In 2012, Kayla completed the Bachelor of Arts program of at the University of Manitoba majoring in Psychology. In 2015, she received her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation. Kayla is passionate about contributing to our clients’ in any way she can. Kayla would love to publish a novel in the future.

Natalie Dumont

Executive Assistant in Charge of Operations,
RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

Watching Natalie in action is like taking in a one-woman Cirque Du Soliel show. This firecracker can do anything and does it with style, wowing staff and clients with her precise attention to detail and project management skills. Natalie started her career working as a Health Care Aide. After working at the University of Manitoba, she came to T&A in 2015..

Pierre Normandeau, H. B. Com., CPA, CGA

RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

Pierre has been with T&A since 2002. After obtaining his CGA designation, he became one of T&A’s partners, then also St. Boniface Manager. Over the years, his various roles have allowed him to experience the pains, frustrations, but also the many rewards of running an accounting practice. He continues to learn lessons every day, and loves to share his experiences with other practitioners. What you will notice right away on Pierre is his empathy, his ability to put himself in people’s shoes and understand their needs and desires. His passion for connecting with people is evident. Being able to provide them with positive life-impacting solutions are the moments where he feels most rewarded at the firm.

Rich Jolicoeur

Management Report Analyst,
RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

We don’t know his secret but Rich is able to pull virtually any report from the middle of a mountain of data. Rumor has it he’s able to talk to computers; often referred to as the computer wizard of the office. Rich has been a significant part of the T&A family since 2011. He’s held positions as the IT Manager, supports the Ag Team and overall tax file preparation. He is a quick study and is constantly striving to improve himself in some way each day.

Rémy Dogramaciyan

Marketing & Communications Specialist,
RêveNew Practice Management / Talbot & Associates

Remy sees things as they could be – not how they are (or have been done in the past!). After over 15 years experience at advertising firm Publicis Worldwide, based in Paris, France, he believes that a good marketing must be smart, beautiful and put customers in good mood. Remy is one of innovation, artistic flare and good natured, “get it done” attitude. He looks forward to sharing all he’s learned to help bring T&A and its’ clients into their next stage of growth and success.

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