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Data-Driven Management Course

Are you curious to find out how your financial statement will help you better manage your business?

If you really want to grow your business, you need to master how to use financial statements and get used to making decisions based on real collected data.

A fictional story about the real, sometimes trying, and hilarious experiences of life in accounting public practice.
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A goldmine of free resources, this channel has everything from business management advice to the psychology of a better life in practice.

blogs article

A monthly article to inspire your practice and keep you engaged with a community of likeminded practitioners.

The 10 pillars of success

There are 10 pillars that are vital
to running a successful and healthy practice.


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We built a list of 20+ ‘must read’ books every business owners should read to maximize their chance of success.

A la carte topics customized to your agenda, with as many or as few subjects as you like.