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A monthly article to inspire your practice and keep you engaged with a community of likeminded practitioners.

  • Should you hire?
    Strangely enough, this is one of the most common questions I get. In the past, before answering, I’d ask a bunch of questions related to their practice, backlog, etc. etc, … Read more
  • Determining an employee’s charge-out rate.
    A question I frequently get from practitioners is this: How do I determine this employee’s charge-out rate? GREAT question. Here’s the formula I use and how I use it to … Read more
  • Managing workflow
    I always find it interesting how one practitioner will ask me a question, and I suddenly find myself being asked the same, or very similar question, by many accountants and … Read more
  • Post Tax Season Beef and Bouquet
    (or as one client refers to it – autopsy) For as many years as I can remember, my team and I always did a post tax season beef and bouquet team meeting … Read more
  • Fees during tax season
    Should accountants be adjusting fees for services rendered during tax season?Answer: Yes! I was very tempted to end this newsletter right here. This would have been the shortest newsletter EVER. … Read more
  • Owner time management
    All those great ideas of how I can grow and make my practice better Jean-Guy are all great. I love them. But here’s the problem Jean-Guy, I just don’t have … Read more
  • Employee leaving for more money
    If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve surely had the experience of a team member handing you his/her resignation and telling you they’ve been offered a … Read more
  • Damage control
    I recently had the pleasure of speaking on practice management at a great Porter Hétu event in New Brunswick in early November.  Was extremely well received.  Had a great time.  … Read more
  • How much do I charge
    How much do I charge? I got an email from one of my team members earlier today asking if we should invoice for some Software Technical Support she provided a … Read more
  • The Butterfly Effect
    The Butterfly Effect Well, it happened again. Several years ago, I spoke to a group of people about the influence we can unknowingly have on people. In my presentation, I … Read more
  • 6 Ways to Beat Tax Season
    6 Ways to Beat Tax Season You may have heard said that the same sun that’ll harden clay will melt wax.  How we are affected, survive, or thrive in tax … Read more
  • Feeding Your Mind
    Feeding Your Mind There is so much information out there about feeding your body. Good healthy nutrients, lots of fruit and vegetables, plenty of exercise, and staying away from things … Read more
  • How to Raise Your Fees
    How to Raise Your Fees “What was the single most important lesson you’ve learned in running a successful practice?” I’ve been asked this often and wow is it ever a … Read more
  • Absolute BEST investment anyone can make
    Absolute BEST investment anyone can make As an accountant, people thinking about their eventual retirement often ask me for my thoughts on the best place to invest. Whether they should … Read more
  • How to Be Successful in Business
    How to Be Successful in Business Over the years, I’ve been asked on many occasions to speak at schools, universities, and colleges on my experience as an accountant and, more … Read more
  • What is Job Satisfaction?
    What is Job Satisfaction? When employees resign, they often cite that they’ve been offered more money as a reason for them leaving. The question I keep asking myself is to … Read more
  • Being the owner doesn’t make you right.
    Being the owner doesn’t make you right. Let’s say you’re in the process of renovating your office space.  You think the receptionist’s desk should be moved to a 45-degree angle … Read more
  • Why is marketing for accountants and bookkeepers unique?
    Why is marketing for accountants and bookkeepers unique? Accountants and bookkeepers are a unique breed and don’t advertise the same way as other products or services would. Products will usually … Read more
  • Has Tax Season Left You Burnt Out?
    Has Tax Season Left You Burnt Out? So, you survived tax season. Whew. Quite the haul.Was it good? Bad? Thrived? Barely survived? Regardless of what this tax season was like, … Read more
  • Motivating your team to work longer hours during tax season.
    Motivating your team to work longer hours during tax season. I know it’s tax season and the last thing you need right now is to read a long newsletter. So, … Read more
  • Time – Quite the beast to master and tame.
    Time – Quite the beast to master and tame. With tax season once again upon us, the pressure of making every minute count and be productive is never higher. With this … Read more
  • Fear and Anxiety
    Fear and Anxiety I was recently listening to a podcast from “the Professional Noticer” by Andy Andrews in which he talks about conquering fear. It really resonated with me as I feel my … Read more
  • Directors of First Impressions
    Directors of First Impressions My car needed the rear bumper replaced due to a collision it had been involved in, so I phoned the dealer where I bought my car … Read more
  • Avoiding Burnout
    Avoiding Burnout First, let me say that I’m not at all qualified to write an article on burnout, much less give you advice on how to avoid it or recuperate … Read more
  • How Important are Team Retreats
    How Important are Team Retreats? Team retreats are a lot of work. Retreats take time to organize and the cost associated with hosting a retreat can be a huge deterrent. … Read more
  • Don’t Fight Fire with Fire
    Don’t Fight Fire with Fire Dealing with Angry Clients There’s probably very little that will stress a practitioner more than an angry client. You know the type: red face, veins … Read more
  • Don’t Let a Good Idea Die
    Don’t Let a Good Idea Die: How to generate and implement a good idea Last week I read a blog post by Seth Godin, marketing guru, on good ideas and how … Read more
  • Ridiculous Times
    Ridiculous Times And How to Survive Them Oh no! Not another article on COVID-19! Yeah, yeah, I know.  If you’re like me, you may be thinking,  “if I hear one … Read more
  • 5 Best Sales Pitch Practices (and Why they Work)
    5 Best Sales Pitch Practices (and Why they Work) The Empathetic Pitch They Won’t Forget! What is an Empathetic Pitch? An empathetic pitch is a method of selling services that … Read more
  • Why Having a Mentor is Important?
    Why Having a Mentor is Important? Starting your own practice is a challenging initiative. Starting any company, for that matter, is hard! Business decisions and their consequences fall on your … Read more
  • Why Does Culture Matter?
    Why Does Culture Matter? “They see the work that needs doing, why don’t they just do it?” Or how about, “I don’t know what it is about this younger generation … Read more
  • Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes
    Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes I had been in practice for a number of years, working hard at servicing my clients, asking for referrals and trying to figure out … Read more
  • Calibrating our moral compass
    Calibrating our moral compass I recently discovered that a recruiting company had made contact, by email at work, with several of my team, doing their best to entice them to … Read more