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RêveNew Practice Management offers a wide range of courses, retreats, sessions and presentations. Speakers associated with each topic vary depending on their area of expertise. We cater our workshops to groups and individuals on a per need basis.  Some can be presented in French.

Here is a list of our current workshop topics:


Company retreats are beneficial to firms, as it allows you to walk away with goals and actions that have everyone excited about the practice, which ensures your firm’s success. A retreat helps with team building, gives people a sense of belonging, and allows the firm to effectively address issues and set direction. Jean-Guy will bring life into your company retreat through facilitation, and help:

  • Develop agendas
  • Provide structure to discussions while still being fun
  • Ensure that every participant has a voice
  • Encourage more difficult, needed discussions
  • Challenge assumptions and ensure merit in ideas

RPM can host retreats at your office or at the venue of your choice. Our Training Centre in Winnipeg is also available for your team of up to 70 people as well. Each retreat is different and will be made in conjunction with the company-owner/practitioner’s own wants and needs. The retreat topics can include:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Direction of the firm/company
  • Efficiencies
  • Marketing
  • Concentration on employees – where they see themselves what they like, dislike about the firm
  • Looking ahead to the future

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